I am focused on the particularity of horse chestnut tree, which is valued on both sides of the Maria Valeria Bridge for its beauty in springtime and for shade on hot summer days. It is also home to the Cameraria Ohridella moth which has spread across Europe from Macedonia to England during the last twenty five years and which severely weakens the tree.  This creature too is much in mind.  Migration of people across the Danube hereabouts is well understood, but less so the movement of flora and fauna and their part in the morphology of a place. I want to help the local horse chestnut trees on the Slovakian and the Hungarian sides of the Bridge to tell their own stories.

In a wider way, this is a blog about bridging cultures and building understanding, where aspects of life which strike any kind of chord will be noted. It may seem at times like a rambling multi-layered set of thoughts and images, but I know a pattern will emerge.