It is possible that the Turks brought the Horse Chestnut tree to Sturovo and Esztergom, as they reputedly fed the fruit (conkers) to horses, in order to improve their condition.  It was surely also widely planted for its beauty and the shade it offers on hot dry summer days. While the Turks could never impose an Empire across the whole of Europe (Sturovo was at its outer reaches) one of their favourite trees made the journey. In England, for example, it was first planted around 1600 and there are now over 420,000 horse chestnut trees there. I am making a count of their numbers in Sturovo and in Esztergom across the bridge.

Below is a notebook drawing of the position of 127 horse chestnut trees on one section of the Kis Duna (Little Danube) in Esztergom, followed by two photographs showing the same place.