I am trying to learn a sufficient Hungarian to get by, as it’s spoken in both Esztergom (Hungary) across the Bridge as well as here in Štúrovo (Slovakia) because of the historically large ethnic Hungarian population.  Shop signs in Štúrovo for example are in both Slovak and Magyar. I read ‘Just Enough Hungarian’ in the bath, and  stick post-its around the place, naming different household things in an effort to build a vocabulary. Hűtőszekrény for example is the refrigerator and sör the cold beer it contains.  The apartment is beginning to resemble an art and language installation. So far for me though, a pipe is still a pipa.

Monique Basten, an earlier Bridge Guard,  as the culmination of her research, covered all the walls and ceiling of the studio with yellow ‘post-its’; each with the same phrase ‘jó világ van’ (it’s a good world).